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1 Dead and a Lot of Damage in Severe Weather in Canada

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In the Canadian province of British Columbia, the same amount of precipitation fell in 24 hours as normal in an entire month. Unfortunately, the rain came along with a violent storm.


The consequences: destroyed roads, thousands of evacuees and also 1 fatality.

Two major highways connecting the western port city of Vancouver to the rest of Canada have been closed due to flooding. Rail traffic in the region has also been severely disrupted. For example, freight trains can no longer go to the port of Vancouver.

A few hundred miles away, in Lillooet, a woman was killed when a mudslide engulfed a stretch of a highway. Several vehicles and at least two occupants are still missing.

The local authorities speak of severe weather “that has not occurred in the past 100 years.” Thousands of people have since been evacuated from the area.

There is also flooding in the adjacent American state of Washington. Tens of thousands of families no longer have electricity.

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