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41 Years Old Malaysian Married with 11 Years Old Thai Girl

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41 Years Old Malaysian Married with 11 Years Old Thai Girl. In Malaysia, a 41-year-old man and self-appointed imam, the 11-year-old daughter of an impoverished Thai couple who works for him, is a third woman. Worldwide, horror has responded to marriage.


The 41-year-old Che Abdul Karim Hamid, the self-appointed imam of the village of Kampung Lalang at Kuala Betis in Malaysia, travelled to the Thai border last month where he married the child, says The Greater.

The girl’s parents work as rubber tappers for Karim Hamid, who already has several children between the ages of five and eighteen with his first two wives. That reports the Borneo Post.

The news of illegal marriage became known when the 34-year-old second wife of Karim Hamid placed a photo on social media where she ‘congratulated’ her husband on his marriage to ‘his other wife, 11’.

The child bride would never have gone to school and would have agreed to the marriage herself after the 41-year-old Karim Hamid expressed the wish to marry her.

The parents of the girl agreed on a condition with the marriage: that it would become a deferred marriage. This means that the newlyweds are only allowed to live together when the girl named Ayu is sixteen, the minimum age to be legally allowed to marry in Malaysia.

“I know that my wife is only eleven years old, that she does not go to school and that she first has to be sixteen before we can live together,” says Karim Hamid. “Ayu agrees.” The man admits that there was a ceremony in the presence of the girl’s parents.defamation.

“I am disappointed with the criticism I have received in the media and the things that have been said about me on social media after I have taken her as a third woman,” he says. “I am currently investigating whether I can take legal action to clear my name from the false and malicious accusations.”

Angry Malaysians call on the government to intervene against “this disgusting paedophile”.

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