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45-Year-Old Victim Amokrit Trier Father of the Dead Baby

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The 45-year-old man who was killed in the Amokrit in the German city of Trier on Tuesday is the father of the nine-and-a-half-week-old girl who also did not survive the attack, Trier police reported on Tuesday night. Wednesday.


In addition to his wife, the mother of the girl who died, his son of eighteen months is also injured in the hospital, according to the police.

“All the killed victims were people from Trier, who was on the road in the pedestrian zone decorated for Christmas,” said the police. The other three victims are women aged 25, 52 and 73. Fourteen people were also injured, several of whom were seriously injured.

The prosecutor in Trier has charged the perpetrator, a 51-year-old man from the Trier-Saarburg district, with multiple murder, attempted murder and serious bodily harm.

So far, the police investigation has not revealed anything that indicates a political or religious motive. Justice does not rule out that psychiatric problems played a role. The driver was under the influence of alcohol.

At the scene of the crime, there is no indication that co-perpetrators or accomplices were involved. The on-site investigation has now been completed, and the pedestrian zone has been re-released.

In total, more than 750 police officers and emergency services personnel were on the move. Police say the behaviour of many passers-by, already caring for the injured and providing first aid by the time emergency services arrived, was exemplary.

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