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A 61 Year Old Man Dead in China after Mysterious Market Virus

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One of the forty-one Chinese who was admitted to hospital with severe pneumonia after a visit to a local market died. The SARS epidemic also started in 2002 with such a scenario.


A 61-year-old man died in the Chinese city of Wuhan. He has succumbed to the consequences of severe pneumonia. Seven others are in critical condition, local authorities report Saturday.

A total of forty-one inhabitants of the city of Wuhan were diagnosed with the same pathogen or a pathogen. Remarkable: it is not the flu. It is not bird flu. It is not cold.

The only thing that is certain for the time being is that it is severe pneumonia caused by an unknown virus. The victims have a high fever and suffer from breathlessness; lung photos show extensive lesions on both lungs.

All the Chinese who were admitted had visited the same fish market.

The fact that all patients had visited the Huanan market, as a trader or as a customer, made them fear that they might have become ill from a virus that generally only occurs in wild animals, and against which people have not (yet) built up a natural defence.

According to local press releases, live animals are said to have been sold in addition to fresh fish, reports the news section of the American journal Science. These include birds and snakes, and organs of rabbits and other game.

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