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A Man Crushed by 61 Meter High Mammoth Tree in California

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A 28-year-old man died on Christmas Eve when a 61-meter-tall mammoth tree fell over in California, various media reported today.


That happened in the Muir Woods nature reserve, near San Francisco. The so-called sequoia is one of the largest and heaviest trees in the world.

Subhradee Dutta walked around the park with two others when the tree fell. One of them was injured while the other managed to escape.

The mammoth tree probably fell after a series of severe winter storms. The tree had a diameter of almost 1.5 meters and was as high as a fourteen-storey building.

A spokesperson for the park called the accident “very rare” and expressed support for the relatives of Dutta.

Every year around one million people visit Muir Woods. The reserve remains open, except for the part where the tree fell.

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