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All EU Countries Support The Dutch Approach MH17 Case

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All EU Countries support the Dutch approach MH17 case. All EU member states have expressed their “strong support” for the Dutch approach to the MH17 incident, says Dawn News.


” Really encouraging and very important that this support is there ”, Foreign Minister Stef Blok mentioned after a meeting with his colleagues in Brussels.

Blok is calling on the UN Security Council on Tuesday to explain, among other things, that the Netherlands and Australia are making Russia liable for the downfall of flight MH17.

He also states the evidence. ” The support means that we can put pressure on Russia together. So that helps enormously. ”

During his speech, the minister ” will look straight into the eyes of the Russian ambassador. Of course, I am very inquisitive about his reaction.

My sincere hope is that the Russians will ultimately do what they have to do: admit their involvement and provide relief. “

” I am afraid, however, that we must be realistic and step by step to step up the pressure, ‘according to Blok.’ ‘The feedback from Russia has unfortunately been very hesitant in the past few days.

It does not mean we give up, but rather that we have an I’m afraid we have to be real and that it can take years. “

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