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Amnesty: More Than 3,000 Health Workers Died From Corona

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Governments should be held responsible for the deaths of thousands of health workers and others with essential professions that have been unable to protect them against the coronavirus.


This is stated in a new report by human rights organization Amnesty International documenting the experiences of health workers around the world.

Analysis of the available data shows that more than 3,000 health workers worldwide have died from the coronavirus. The actual number is probably much higher.

Countries with the most casualties included the United States (507), Russia (545), the United Kingdom (540, including 262 people who worked in social care), Brazil (351), Mexico (248), Italy (188), Egypt (111), Iran (91), Ecuador (82) and Spain (63).

In several countries, people have been fired or disciplinary measures taken against them for speaking out about the corona approach.

Amnesty also documented several cases in which people who work in healthcare or other essential professions have been stigmatized for their work and have experienced violence.

Health professionals reported a severe shortage of personal protective equipment in almost all countries and territories that Amnesty investigated.

In addition to unsafe working conditions, Amnesty also found that people in health care did not receive fair wages or were sometimes not paid at all.

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