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Another Record Number of New Coronavirus Infections in the US

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The number of coronavirus infections has increased, with a new record high of more than 47,000, according to a Reuters news agency in the United States.


It is the most significant daily increase in the US since the outbreak of the virus.

The country’s leading infectious disease expert, virologist Anthony Fauci, warned Tuesday that the numbers could even double quickly. “We are clearly not in control now,” he said.

It is the fifth time in six days that more than 40,000 new cases have been recorded.

The US now has more than 2.6 million infections. The death toll in the US from Covid-19 has risen to over 127,000.

President Donald Trump once more lashed out at China, the country where the coronavirus was first diagnosed.

“Seeing how the pandemic is spreading around the world with its ugly face, including the massive damage done to the US, makes me increasingly angry with China,” he said via Twitter.

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