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Apple Intervenes so That AirTags can No Longer be Used by Stalkers

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After several women have complained in recent weeks about the tracking devices with which total strangers tried to find out where they live, Apple intervened.


There will be adjustments to the AirTags, the company announces, so that potential victims realize more quickly than they are being followed.

In recent weeks, several women have complained that after visiting a shopping centre, a cafe or a nightclub, they suddenly received notifications on their mobiles of a device trying to connect to their iPhone.

Each time it concerned an Apple AirTag, a tracking device that connects to your mobile phone and that you can trace remotely. Total strangers turned out to have hung it on the women’s car to find out where they lived. “It is an ideal device for stalkers,” the women said at the time, among others at the BBC.

After those complaints, Apple is now intervening. Any user who uses an AirTag for the first time will be notified that it is a crime to use the device to track someone without their permission.

Furthermore, iPhones are more likely to notify you if they detect an AirTag nearby. This is because they’ll get a more precise location of where the thing is, and it’ll also make louder beeps when you give it the command.

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