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Ariane-5 Launch Vehicle Successfully Launches Two Telecom Satellites

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A European Ariane-5 launch vehicle successfully launched two telecom satellites during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.


The 257th Ariane, the second Ariane of this year, departed from the Kourou base in French Guiana at 11:50 PM Belgian time. The countdown had previously been stopped for 45 minutes due to technical verifications. The payload weighed 9.8 tons.

Just over 28 minutes after take-off, the Measat-3d was released at an altitude of 1,200 km, followed twelve minutes later by the GSAT24. Both telecom satellites are now flying under their power to their operational geostationary orbit.

The Measat-3d is owned by the Malaysian operator Measat, the GSAT-24 belongs to the commercial division of the Indian space agency ISRO. The respective lifespan is at least eighteen and fifteen years.

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