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AstraZeneca Defends Itself in A European Commission Courtroom

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The European Commission’s lawsuit against AstraZeneca over delinquent supplies of corona vaccines began on Wednesday.


The committee demands, among other things, that the British factories also start supplying the vaccine maker to the EU, but AstraZeneca continues to refuse.

AstraZeneca has been supplying far fewer vaccines for months than agreed in the contract, which is concluded under Belgian law. The committee then went to court in Brussels.

He will give the floor to both parties extensively on 26 May and wants to pass judgment on the conflict the following month.

The contract between the EU and the British-Swedish manufacturer also mentions the deployment of two British factories. But AstraZeneca insists they are reserved for the United Kingdom.

According to the company’s lawyer, it is not mandatory to also run the UK factories for the EU.

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