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AstraZeneca Still Says Promised Number of Doses to Deliver to the EU

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AstraZeneca will supply the European Union with the previously promised 180 million doses of corona vaccine in April, May and June.


A spokesperson for the company said that while production in the European Union only accounts for half that number, the rest is supplemented via the international supply network. In this way, the company claims to comply with what has been contractually agreed with the EU.

Thus, the spokesman responds to a message from an insider that the British-Swedish company could only supply half, less than 90 million doses. “AstraZeneca today confirms that its latest second-quarter forecast for the delivery of its Covid-19 vaccine aims to perform following its contract with the European Commission.”

The company has warned the EU that delivery will also disappoint in the second quarter, an EU source has previously told Reuters news agency. AstraZeneca’s contract with the European Commission states that the manufacturer will deliver 180 million doses in April, May and June.

The vaccine maker would like to make up for the entire backlog by the end of September, Reuters reads in a document from the German Ministry of Health. The EU source has doubts about this. The company has often adjusted delivery figures and has not yet explained where it gets the extra doses it needs.

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