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At Least 55 Injured in Riots in Madrid After Rapper’s Arrest

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At least 55 people who were injured in riots in the Spanish capital Madrid were treated for injuries on Wednesday evening, local emergency services report.


35 police officers were among the injured people treated. Three of the injured police officers have been hospitalized. The remaining 20 injured are protesters and bystanders.

In several Spanish cities, especially in Catalonia, riots broke out for the second day in a row on Wednesday following rapper Pablo Hasel’s arrest in Lleida on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old Catalan was sentenced to nine months in prison in 2018 for lese majesty and glorification of violence and terrorism in his lyrics but had so far refused to go to jail.

The riots, which previously broke out in Barcelona, Girona, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia, spread to Madrid on Wednesday. In the capital, riot police used, among other things, tear gas and rubber bullets against thousands of protesters.

Also, in Barcelona, there was violent confrontation again, where the police used rubber bullets.

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