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Australia Reopens Borders to Students and Workers

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Australia will reopen its borders to international students and workers from December 1 after more than a year and a half. It should give the economy of the country a boost, according to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Tourists from South Korea and Japan are also welcome again.


However, everyone who wants to enter the country must be fully vaccinated and have themselves tested before departure.

“Australia is opening up to the world again,” said Home Secretary Karen Andrews. She called the decision “another step forward for Australia”. The country closed its borders in March 2020 to curb the importation of the coronavirus. As a result, practically only Australian citizens were allowed to return to Australia from abroad, and they had to quarantine in a hotel for fourteen days at their own expense.

Last month, the extremely strict travel restrictions on Australians were lifted, and New Zealanders were also allowed to re-enter the country. However, for most foreigners with temporary visas in Australia, the rules remained in effect.

This will therefore change from December 1. The return of skilled workers and students to Australia represents “an important milestone on our way back” from the crisis, and Prime Minister Morrison told reporters in the capital Canberra. For example, Australian universities rely heavily on international students for their income. These account for no less than 21 percent of all annual study registrations in the country.

The return of foreign workers is highly desirable as there was a threat of labour shortages.

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