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Barnier Emphasizes the Importance of the Treaty With the British

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The EU main trader for a new treaty with the united kingdom hopes to be able to limit the effects of the Brexit by concluding a good trade agreement.


But this is not about ordinary negotiations where you take the time to get closer, said Michael Barnier in the European parliament. Without agreement on December 31, there is no longer a status quo, but our relationship is changing and the British are taking a step back.

Prime minister Boris Johnson said that the British are leaving the EU but not leaving Europe. The big question is how far they will move away from our economic model, “says Barnier.

The WTO rules will apply without agreement. Then we will check all goods from great Britain.” He warned that there will be no separate negotiations on financial services and that fishing is inextricably linked to a new treaty.

The Frenchman warned that the negotiation period is limited and that time pressure was imposed by the British.

That has consequences and everyone has to take responsibility for that.” the period can be extended but johnson rejects that possibility.

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