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BBC Loses Lawsuit Over Pay Gap Presenters

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British public broadcaster BBC has lost a case against journalist Samira Ahmed, who claimed that she was salaried less than her male colleagues for the same work.


According to The Guardian, the BBC now pays her 700,000 pounds in income that she missed during her employment.

Ahmed is the presenter of the BBC program Newswatch and compared the salary she received for her position with that of her male colleague Jeremy Vine.

It showed that Ahmed only received £ 440 per episode, while Vine received £ 3000 per episode for Points of View.

The BBC argued that Vine was better known to the general public and that the two had completely different roles in their programs. The judge did not agree with that and Ahmed agreed with her.

No woman wants to take action against her employer. I love working at the BBC. But I am glad that this has been resolved “, Ahmed said after the trial.

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