Biden Wants to Enable Wind Farms in All Coastal US Areas

US President Joe Biden has unveiled plans that would allow the construction of wind farms along virtually the entire coastline of the United States.


It concerns seven different areas off the American coast that will be auctioned in the coming years, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced on Wednesday.

The plans are part of “an ambitious roadmap” to tackle climate change, according to Haaland. With the wind farms, President Biden wants to generate enough energy to power 10 million households by 2030. However, the government’s plans still need approval from several coastal and environmental groups before construction can begin.

Biden announced earlier this year that he wanted to invest hundreds of billions in American infrastructure. His plan includes major investments in clean and sustainable energy sources, such as solar parks and wind turbines, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. He has stated the goal that the US should be completely climate neutral by 2050.

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