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British Intelligence: Russian Soldiers Morale is Low

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Morale among Russian soldiers is low, troops are said to refuse to obey orders, and there is a shortage of weapons on the Russian side.


The Russians are also said to have accidentally shot their own plane out of the sky during the war in Ukraine, the chief of British intelligence GCHQ reported during a working visit to Australia.

GCHQ chief Jeremy Fleming’s statements in Canberra are in line with information released by US intelligence agencies in recent weeks, according to The New York Times. According to Fleming, there is “chaos” within the Russian army, which is plagued by all kinds of problems.

The intelligence chief did not go into details. For example, it is not clear where Russian troops would have shot down their own aircraft.

According to Fleming, the claim by US intelligence agencies that Russian President Vladimir Putin is being misinformed is correct. “His advisers are afraid to tell him the truth,” said the chief.

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