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Britons Can Now Think About Summer Holidays Abroad

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Britons can now carefully consider a possible summer holiday abroad.


Transport Minister Grant Shapps told Sky News when new details were announced about the traffic light system that the government plans to use for international passenger traffic.

The British government wants to allow foreign holidays again from 17 May but will only announce whether this is actually possible at the beginning of May. According to the minister, Britons can now think again about travelling abroad for the first time in a long time. He also indicated that he would not advise people to book holidays immediately.

The government will introduce colour codes to identify the risks for holidaymakers. This concerns the colours of traffic lights.

Travellers must be in hotel quarantine when they return from countries marked red and in-home quarantine when they return to orange. For green countries, a PCR corona test on arrival at home is sufficient.

The mandatory corona test leads to a lot of criticism from airlines. They think the corona test costs about 100 British pounds (115 euros) and is too expensive. As a result, only rich people would be able to go on holiday to green countries. Shapps said in response that the government would try to reduce costs.

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