Brits: Russia Wants to Conquer Izyum for New Momentum

The Russian army is moving towards the eastern city of Izyum, British intelligence reports. According to the British, Russia wants to attack the city from the south to gain more control over the region.


Izyum is located in the Kharkiv region, near Luhansk, where the battle for Severodonetsk is still ongoing. The British say that Russia wants to create new momentum by taking Izyum, something that it failed to do before. In April and May, the city was fiercely fought by Ukraine and Russia. The Ukrainians managed to push the Russians back.

To take the city now, Russia has deployed additional resources, according to British intelligence. The British provide daily updates on the situation on the front lines in Ukraine.

According to President Volodimir Zelensky, the battle for Severodonetsk is crucial for the future of the Donbas region, in the east of the country. The Russians are slowly advancing in the city and are already controlling large parts.

Zelensky says the Ukrainian military is resisting bravely, but is outnumbered and can do nothing but defend.

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