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Céline Dion Misses Affection After Husband’s Death

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Céline Dion Misses Affection after Husband’s Death. René Angélil died of throat cancer in 2016 at the age of 73.


The grief is still so great that Céline Dion (51) is reluctant to throw herself back on the dating market, she reports during an interview.

Céline admits that she misses being “cuddled”.

The singer lost her husband René to throat cancer in 2016,

 but three years later she still finds it unnecessary to date again.

“I’m not dating. I’m not ready to date,” she says.

“I’m lucky that there are so many people around me who make me laugh, but I miss someone who touches me.”

The singer lacks the feeling of a relationship. “I miss being hugged.

I miss someone who says to me,” You are beautiful. “

I miss what a friend or spouse can do for you “, Céline explains.

Moreover, she still thinks about René every day.

“Before I say anything, I think of him.

Would he do this? Is it too risky? Would he approve of this? I believed in him so strongly, and I still do that.”

The couple met when Céline was only twelve years old.

René was 38 at the time and eventually became the manager of the starting singer.

Only when she was nineteen did the two get into a relationship.

In 1994 they got married and finally got three sons together.

René was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1999 but healed.

Unfortunately, cancer came back in 2013, and it turned out to be so bad in 2015 that he just had a few months left to live.

René died in 2016, in the same year he celebrated his 21st wedding anniversary with Céline.

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