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China Punishes Local Drivers for Delta Variant Outbreak

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The Chinese authorities have punished more than 30 officials who are held responsible for spreading the Delta variant of the coronavirus.


According to state media, this includes mayors, administrators of health services and directors of hospitals and airports.

China managed to reduce the domestic spread of the virus to almost zero last year. The country has not reported deaths from corona for months but is now struggling with a new outbreak. It has spread to dozens of cities and is linked to cleaners at an airport in Nanjing.

The Chinese authorities do not rely solely on vaccinations to prevent the spread of the virus. They are responding to outbreaks by imposing strict local lockdowns and mass testing of people.

That happened last week in the metropolis of Wuhan, where the coronavirus first appeared in 2019. There, the authorities announced on Sunday that they had tested almost all 11 million inhabitants in a few days.

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