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Chip Shortages Mean A Lot More Work for Chip Company Besi

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The worldwide chip shortages, especially for applications around the fast 5G technology, are good news for chip company BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi).


The listed company saw its order book grow by 108 percent in the first months of the year compared to the previous quarter. On an annual basis, this was an increase of 208 percent, the AEX fund reported in a trading update.

Besi received a record amount of EUR 327 million in orders in the first quarter. In particular, there was a strong demand for smartphone applications that improve the features and functionality of 5G. Also, there was a noteworthy increase in the need for chips from the automotive industry and chips used in data centres.

The global chip shortage, forcing carmakers to cut or even shut down their production, has arisen because there is much more demand for things like laptops, computers, and cell phones for people who work from home during the pandemic.

The auto industry, in turn, scaled-down production at the time of the first corona dip and cut its chip orders.

According to the company, Besi’s performance in the first quarter is further in line with its expectations. Besi, which will publish final quarterly figures at the end of this month, also talks about turnover.

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