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Common Questions to Ask While Buying A Laguiole Knife

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You are all set to buy one of the Laguiole knives and are eagerly looking for the right platform to order.

But wait!

You must ask yourself some questions while ordering a Laguiole knife from any portal or offline store. These questions will really help you find a real knife.

Are Laguiole knives Genuine or Counterfeit?

Well, there isn’t any specific answer to this question. But you should know that Laguiole isn’t any brand. Instead, it is the place where Laguiole knives originated. So, you will find numerous knives with the name ‘Laguiole’ engraved on it. However, only a few manufacturers make Laguiole knives keeping its natural heritage and delivering perfect craftsmanship to the buyers. Furthermore, the price often gives you an idea about a genuine and counterfeit knife.

How to Choose a Laguiole Knife?

The best sign to ensure you are buying the right knife is the “Made in France” tag. Any knife with “Laguiole “engraved on it isn’t the real product to purchase. Moreover, you should focus on its built quality handle material, blade material, and the text engraved on it. Remember, Laguiole knives are made in France by skilled workers. That’s the reason you need to pay more than a imitate of the actual knife.

What Knife size best suits you?

Laguiole knife is offered in three different sizes, i.e., XS with 17cm size, LE Pocket with 18.5 sizes, and Nature with 22cm size. Among all, you can choose the one that better fits in your hand and is comfortable to hold. You can check the handle grip as well while buying the one. Make sure you cover the handle entirely and can use it conveniently.

Do you get any guarantee with every knife?

Firstly, the efforts and time devoted to making every piece of Laguiole knife prove its unmatched quality. Still, people ask for a common question associated with the knives guarantee. Mostly, companies offer you a warranty against all manufacturing defects diagnosed during normal usage.

NOTE: “Normal use” is defined as cutting common materials.

Which steel is used to make the Kinfe’s blade?

The manufacturers of Laguiole knife 12c27 or 14C28N stainless steel is used to make its blade. However, people who require better performance, RWL34 stainless steel is used. In some blades, you will also find XC75 carbon steel, which isn’t stainless steel. With time, this blade gets dark.

How to maintain the knife’s sharpness?

This is the most crucial question to ask before ordering one for your pocket. According to the manufacturers, many of the knives don’t require frequent maintenance. However, it is recommended to use a soft cloth to clean it and use a diamond rod knife sharpener or ceramic stone. But you should take proper safety while working with a sharpener. Also, remember that the knife isn’t dishwasher safe.

So, these are some essential questions that you must ask before checkout for your dream knife. Owning a knife is followed by its proper use and maintenance to increase its life.

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