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Congo Has Ebola Under Control

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The Democratic Republic of Congo has spread Ebola “under control,” the health minister said. The country faced a resurgence of the virus in early February. Six people died after an infection.


A total of 12 infections were detected in the northeastern province of North Kivu.

The cluster of infections is genetically linked to the Ebola epidemic that the African country was struggling with until June last year. With more than 2,200 dead in almost two years, it was the second-deadliest Ebola wave on record.

Ebola has been popping up in Africa every now and then since its discovery in 1976. People can contract the virus from eating infected animals. People spread Ebola among themselves through direct contact with blood, faeces, urine, semen, vomit and sweat. Among other things, fever, bleeding and headache are among the symptoms.

About half of the Ebola patients die. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this is even nine out of ten if they do not have access to treatment.

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