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Consumers’ Association Takes KLM to Court for Refund of Tickets

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KLM continues to send travellers who want the money back after a cancelled flight “from the cupboard to the wall”. And hundreds of customers of the bankrupt travel group D-Reizen are still waiting for the money from their cancelled KLM tickets.


The Consumers’ Association is complaining about this, asking the ILT supervisor to intervene and assist a KLM victim to reclaim the money through the courts.

According to the consumer advocate, passengers whose flights have been cancelled should be given the choice between a replacement flight or a refund. However, travellers who have purchased a ticket through a travel agency or ticketing site are sometimes incorrectly referred back to that party by airlines for a refund.

The latter is also the case with a group of customers of the former D-Reizen. KLM has previously said that it has refunded the ticket money to D-trips and thus has fulfilled its obligations. But the tour company went bankrupt before the money was transferred to the victims.

Last month, KLM was fined more than 40,000 euros by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) for failing to refund cancelled tickets, but no money has yet been transferred to the victims. Instead, KLM decided to appeal the fine.

The Consumers’ Association believes that the victims should no longer wait and now decides to take action themselves. By assisting one of the customers in a test procedure, the organization hopes that KLM will quickly decide to make money for all people involved.

Last month, the ILT also imposed a cease and desist order to force the airline to adjust communication with passengers. KLM then adapted the website within two weeks, which is why the ILT has decided not to collect the penalty.

But according to Consumers’ Association director Sandra Molenaar, communication with customers is still not in order. “We call on the ILT to collect the order subject to a penalty that has already been imposed on KLM. Because KLM does provide the correct information on its website, but anyone who asks questions by phone, via chat, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp will be sent off with a bang.”

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