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Coronavirus Costs Indonesian Tourism Sector Billions

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The tourism industry in Indonesia suffers more than $ 10 billion in damage from the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the Indonesian government reported Thursday.


The government is preparing a package of measures to mitigate the blow to the sector.

President Joko Widodo expects the tourist flow to resume quickly after the corona crisis and called on the sector to seize the opportunity. Last year, more than 16 million tourists travelled to Indonesia. That number is expected to remain at 5 million this year.

“A support package for the tourism and creative industries needs to be prepared to prevent mass layoffs,” Widodo said. “I take into account that the corona crisis will continue until the end of this year and trust that tourism will flourish again next year.”

According to forecasts, the recovery of the sector will start in the second half of this year, said the Indonesian tourism minister.

Indonesia is the worst affected Asian country after China. The number of infections has passed 5000. The Indonesian government has issued a partial lockdown in some cities. The Indonesians have also been ordered to keep their distance from each other.

The Indonesian government wants to allocate $ 28 billion and is willing to abandon the budget deficit targets for it, Widodo said earlier this week.

He called on his countrymen not to let his head hang. Everyone wants to get out. Everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful tourist regions. Let’s not get pessimistic.”

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