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Coronavirus is Spreading: Singapore Also Reports Infection, Two Million Cities On Lockdown

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For the first time, someone got infected with the coronavirus in Singapore. The Straits Times reports this on Thursday based on the Singaporean authorities.


According to the newspaper, this is a 66-year-old Chinese man from Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus outbreak. He travelled with nine others, who are still being investigated. Earlier infections were reported in China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States.

In total, the virus cost the lives of seventeen people. Around six hundred people were infected. Wuhan is now locked for fear of the further spread of the virus. The authorities have also isolated the Chinese city of Huanggang.

Chinese media report that as of today all outbound traffic and public transport in the city of 7 million inhabitants will be virtually stopped.

Huanggang is approximately 85 kilometres east of Wuhan where the new coronavirus has surfaced. Wuhan is a city with about 11 million inhabitants, 1130 kilometres south of Beijing in the central province of Hubei.

Five hundred seventy-one cases of lung disease related to the SARS virus have been reported in that province. After the outbreak in Wuhan, infections have since been found in other places in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the US.

In China, seventeen people aged 48 to 89 have so far succumbed to the virus and more than 540 infections have been detected.

The UN World Health Organization (WHO) today announces whether the virus outbreak is a global emergency. The organisation met on Wednesday about the situation in Geneva, Switzerland.

If the corona outbreak is bombarded into an emergency, the UN organisation will coordinate combat internationally.

So far, the WHO has declared an emergency six times. That happened, among other things, at outbreaks of Zika, Polio and Ebola.

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