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Democrat Nancy Pelosi is Running for Re-Election in 2022

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she is running for the 19th term in office. According to insiders, this indicates that she wants to stay on as leader of the Democratic faction in the House longer.


Previously, Pelosi had indicated that she would relinquish her leadership after 2022.

The expectation that the 81-year-old Pelosi would resign was based on her own statements and a possible loss to Democrats in the November 8 midterm elections.

Pelosi has been the political leader of the House Democrats since 2003. In 2007, she became the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House until the Democrats lost the 2011 midterm elections. In 2019 she took up the position of Speaker again.

The term of office of a member of the House is two years. Re-election to her district in San Francisco, California, would mean that Pelosi will have been a member of the House for at least 38 years by serving her 19th term.

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