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Democrats Reflect on Police Brutality During the Convention

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The National Democratic Convention where Joe Biden is officially designated as a presidential candidate started on Monday with several speeches.


Among other things, the focus was on black Americans who have been victims of police violence in America. Before that, a moment of silence was announced by Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother whose death sparked massive protests in May.

The famous Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders, also spoke on Monday.

“In response to the unprecedented series of crises we are facing, we need an unprecedented response – a movement, like never before, of people willing to stand up and fight for democracy and decency,” said Sanders. Calls the upcoming election the most important in American history.

“This election is about preserving our democracy.” The left-wing senator was Biden’s primary challenger for the Democratic nomination.

The convention is primarily kept online due to the coronavirus and can be seen on the major television channels in America.

The Democrats were supposed to meet in July, but the convention was moved to August soon after the outbreak of the lung virus in the US. The organization hoped that more people could be present.

Biden’s prospective vice president Kamala Harris will speak on Wednesday and Biden will deliver a speech on Thursday after he is officially nominated as a Democratic presidential candidate.

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