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Denmark and Austria Sign A Deal With Israel on Vaccines

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Denmark and Austria announced on Thursday that they would form an alliance with Israel for the future development and production of corona vaccines. However, the deal has met with criticism within Europe.


The three countries are launching a “research and development fund” and “are joining forces to produce future vaccines,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a news conference. The countries will also jointly set up factories for the distribution of the vaccines.

According to Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, the countries also want to investigate whether cooperation in the field of clinical trials is also possible.

France has reacted critically to the plan. According to the government, it is essential to rely on the EU right now because it is the best way to guarantee “solidarity” between the Member States. This would also be the most effective way to achieve enough vaccines within the EU.

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz already indicated on Tuesday that he no longer only wanted to depend on Brussels for corona vaccines. There is growing dissatisfaction with vaccine policy within the EU. In several countries, there is grumbling about the pace at which the authorities are vaccinating their citizens. Kurz also believes that preparations should be made more quickly for dangerous corona mutations.

Kurz called Israel “the first country in the world to demonstrate that it is possible to defeat the virus.” Israel launched a massive vaccination campaign in December. More than half of Israel’s 9 million residents have now had at least one shot with Pfizer / BioNTech’s corona vaccine.

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