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Deputy Prime Minister Salvini: “Italy Must Contest Voter EU Budget Rules”

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Deputy Prime Minister Salvini: “Italy must Contest voter EU budget Rules.” Matteo Salvini, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, said on Monday that the voter gave his Lega party a mandate to challenge EU budget rules with 34.3 percent of the vote.


Salvini wants to introduce tax cuts, but that would no longer allow Italy to comply with the regulations of the European Union.

“The time has come to reconsider existing and outdated rules that have damaged Europe completely.

Otherwise, this vote result cannot be explained,” told a leader of the right-wing party at a press conference.

Italy is the EU Member State with the highest debt burden after Greece.

The European Union applies a debt limit whereby the national debt cannot exceed 60 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).

The Italian national debt currently stands at around 130 percent

Salvini and Di Maio election battle over the budget
For the European Parliament elections, Salvini and Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio,

 who is leading the Five Star Movement, are already focusing on different positions on the budget.

Salvini argued that Italy should be willing to infringe budget agreements to reduce unemployment,

 while Di Maio said, these statements were irresponsible.

The position of the Five Star Movement seemed to appeal to fewer people.

The party received 17.1 percent of the votes, making it the third party in the results.

“Tax cuts the most important issue for Italians”
Salvini stuck to his earlier statements about tax cuts on Monday and called it “the most important issue” for Italians.

According to him, it will be the basis for next year’s budget, which will be presented in the fall.

Despite the fierce battle between party leaders during the elections,

 Lega and the Five Star Movement still want to work together.

“Starting tomorrow, we will work quietly with each other again.

My enemy remains Left,” said Salvini, referring to the Democratic Party, which received 22.7 percent of the vote.

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