DHL Express Orders 12 Electric Planes for First Electric Express Network

DHL Express has ordered 12 all-electric cargo planes from Seattle-based manufacturer Eviation. The devices will be part of the world’s first electric express network, DHL Express reports.


Alice can be piloted by one pilot and can carry a weight of 1,200 kilograms. The charging time per flight hour is only 30 minutes, and the maximum range is approximately 815 kilometres.

According to the manufacturer, Alice can be used wherever aircraft with piston or turbine engines are currently used. Alice’s electric motors also have fewer moving parts, which ‘increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs’, it sounds.

The aircraft would be highly suitable for supply routes and require less investment in fixed infrastructure. They could also be charged during loading and unloading, which should reduce time wasted.

“We strongly believe in a future of zero-emission logistics,” said John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express. ‘That is why our investments are always focused on a lower CO2 footprint. Electric transport will play a crucial role on the road to clean logistics processes and achieving our overall sustainability goal of flying emission-free.’

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