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Ebola in Congo: Race Against the Clock

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Ebola in Congo: Race Against the Clock. Aid workers in the Congo must put all their sails. The deadly virus Ebola has reached the city of Mbandaka, where a million people live. But there are only five hospital beds ready to accommodate infected patients, reports City News Journal.


Not only are there too few insulation places in the hospitals, but the experimental medicine cannot yet be given to the population. This week stock of 4,000 vaccines was flown in, but land transport is a significant problem. The drug necessity is stored in nitrogen at a heat of -60 to -80 degrees Celsius.

The Ebola virus, which probably caused 23 deaths, reached the Congolese port much more quickly than MSF had expected. In recent weeks, about 40 reports of patients with Ebola symptoms from villages deep in the jungle, about 200 kilometres away.

But yesterday the authorities confirmed a new case in the big city of Mbandaka, and that is very worrying, says MSF. In a remote area, an Ebola patient infects an average of two people. In a busy city, or in places where many people come, such as in clinics and at funerals, that can go up to twenty people.

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