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Emirates Flies Again with Superjumbo A380 to Schiphol

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Emirates golf company will fly again at Schiphol with its superjumbo A380. With the relaxation of the corona measures, the company wants to use the superjumbos in a more significant number of destinations from this autumn.


The first A380 will land at Schiphol on October 31.

Emirates is a primary user of the A380. The airline will have 118 of these aircraft in its fleet by the end of the year. During the crisis, the aircraft was only used at sixteen destinations.

That is now being scaled up to 27. By the end of the year, Emirates wants to deploy 70 percent of its A380 aircraft again.

For Airbus, the A380 is an expensive activity. Tens of billions were involved in the development of the device, but sales were disappointing from the start. Most airlines prefer smaller and more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Airbus decided to phase out all production a few years ago. As a result, the last A380 is expected to be delivered later this year.

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