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Error Turns Off Facebook Ads by Mistake

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If you have ads running on Facebook, it is best to check that they have not been stopped by mistake. Several users report that the platform went wrong with Facebook Ads this week.


Several advertisers on Facebook report that ads they had set up this week have now suddenly been turned off automatically. The problem seems to appear very randomly, but in general, the ads were turned off around 7:00 PM PST on Tuesday (4:00 AM on Wednesday), Searchengineland.com writes.

A quick survey by Data News reveals that at least one Belgian player has since noticed that some of their ads have been disabled. It would be a small part of the ads, but the highest scoring, something some testimonials on Twitter also confirm.

Searchengineland recommends that advertisers check to ensure that your ad has not been automatically stopped. One user recommends filtering in Facebook’s admin module for ads that are off but have had ad delivery.

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