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EU: BMW, Daimler And Volkswagen Blocked

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EU: BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen Blocked clean Technology. The European competition authority has accused car manufacturers BMW,

Daimler and Volkswagen of a conspiracy with which they stopped sustainable, emission-reducing technology for cars.

According to the EU, the unauthorised agreements were made between 2006 and 2014, during technical meetings of the car manufacturers.

It would be about systems that make exhaust gases cleaner.

“Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW may have infringed competition rules.

As a result, European customers have not had the chance to purchase a car with the best possible technology,”

said Margrethe Vestager of the European competition authority.

Strict penalties can be imposed for this. EU fines can amount to as much as 10 percent of the annual turnover of a company.

Daimler, who brought the illegal agreements to light, says he expects no fines.

In particular, the EU is looking at technology conspiracy to overcome exhaust gas emissions from diesel cars (AdBlue),

also a filter that reduces harmful emissions from petrol cars, the so-called Otto particle filter.

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