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EU Summit Cannot Ignore Rule of Law Case in Poland

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The 27 EU leaders will speak about important things on the first day of their summit in Brussels, which starts at 3 p.m. High energy prices and Covid-19, trade and foreign affairs. But the leaders cannot ignore the conflict over the rule of law in Poland.


The issue will be “touched up”, writes the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, inviting the heads of government and heads of state. Michel does not want the top to be held hostage by the quarrel. If only not to spoil Angela Merkel’s likely farewell after 16 years of Chancellorship and 107 EU summits. She is of dialogue, not confrontation.

But ignoring the developments can also be challenging. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has asked to speak himself, according to EU sources. Prime Minister Mark Rutte is already on the starting blocks.

The Polish government is undermining the EU’s legal base with its increasing grip on the judiciary and its position that EU law does not always take precedence over the Polish constitution. That is why the Netherlands supports financial measures against Warsaw, Rutte will say, as the House of Representatives has also requested.

According to insiders, there is “not long” to be talked about, and they can then sit down at the table in peace. In the meantime, the European Commission is investigating the best course of action, for example, going to the European Court of Justice or suspending EU subsidies. However, she has not yet approved the Polish corona recovery plan worth 36 billion euros.

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