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EU Uses Snapchat To Increase Turnout Elections

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EU Uses Snapchat to Increase turnout Elections. The European Parliament is working with Snapchat to get more voters to the polls during the European elections on 23 May.


The promotion is aimed explicitly at voters between the ages of 18 and 24.

In the sign of the elections of 23 May, the social medium will receive special lenses,

 stickers and bitmoij in the coming weeks.

Also, there is more information about the elections via ‘Snap Explore’ and users of the platform can show in the app that they have voted.

All European users of the service will also obtain a message from the Snapchat team on 22 May to inform them of the elections.

It is done in the 28 Member States in the local language.

With this action, the European Parliament hopes to get more young voters to the polls.

In the previous European elections in 2014, 28 percent of those entitled to vote came to the polls.

It is not the first time that Snapchat has been involved as a platform in elections.

During elections in the United States, Germany, Brazil and France, among others,

 the platform displayed content specifically targeted at voters in the country.

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