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Europe is Looking for A New Manager for .EU

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Europe will soon be looking for a new manager for the .EU internet extension. But there are conditions attached to it.


By October 2022, a new candidate will be able to manage the 3.6 million European domain names. This is currently done by EURid, which has taken on this task for the past 15 years.

But it is not a contract that anyone can participate in. The EU requires that it be a European non-profit organization that can also operate multilingually. For example, Europe probably wants to exclude commercial players (whether or not American).

Commercial organizations can participate by forming a non-profitable consortium. This involves a turnover of several million. EURid achieved a turnover of 12.6 million euros last year.

But that’s not the only catch. The Register notes that the EU has not let its domain name extension work independently in recent years.

For example, after the Brexit vote, it was decided from Europe that British owners would lose their already registered.EU domain names as soon as the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

This caused a lot of panic among British owners, causing many domain names to be discontinued, but also damaging the reputation of .EU.

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