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Facebook Announces Ray Ban Glasses

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The next hardware product we can expect from Facebook is Ray Ban glasses. CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed this during a conversation with analysts.


Rumours about the partnership between Facebook and Ray Ban have been circulating for a while, but now it seems to be coming to fruition. “The glasses have an iconic shape, and you can do some fun things with them,” said Mark Zuckerberg during a conversation about the company’s quarterly figures.

The idea of augmented reality glasses made by Facebook dates back to 2019 when the project was still called ‘Orion’. Initially, they wanted to make a kind of Google Glass that could serve as a smartphone alternative. You could use it to make calls, look up information and start live streams.

Meanwhile, the Facebook boss is adding the glasses in his vision of a ‘metaverse’, where virtual reality and augmented reality come together with the real world. You can jump from one social experience to another. Therefore, the company is investing heavily in its VR and AR branch, and AR glasses seem to fit in there particularly nicely.

That being said, we don’t yet know exactly what things are going to do. An earlier prototype that was leaked of Facebook glasses contained a lot of sensors but appeared to have no screen. If you want to make augmented reality glasses with a layer of information about the visible world, you will need some kind of screen or beamer.

Zuckerberg has now started the marketing machine, so additional information about the glasses will undoubtedly follow in the coming weeks and months.

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