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Family Drama in India: Eleven Bodies Found in New Delhi

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Family Drama in India: Eleven Bodies Found in New Delhi. In a house in the Indian capital New Delhi early this morning, the remains of eleven members of a family were found, reports Hope News.


The Times of India reported that ten killed members of the family were hanging on the ceiling. They were blindfolded.

The body of a 75-year-old woman was also found on the floor in the house. The ten others would be her daughter and two sons, their wives and five children (two boys and three girls). Few of the victims had their hands fastened behind their backs.

The family had a greengrocer’s shop in Sant Nagar, in the Burari district, and was active in the wood trade. A neighbour found the bodies this morning around 7.30 in the home above the store.

Every day the greengrocer opened at 6.00 am. When that did not happen this morning, the man took a look. The door was open.

The police investigate the case and take into account various situations, including collective suicide. However, a farewell note was not found. A possible link with gang violence is also being investigated.

Two weeks before, three people were murdered in the same neighbourhood where the family has been living for about twenty years, and five others were injured in a conflict between two gangs.

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