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Father Britney Spears Pleads for End of Receivership

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After 13 years as Britney Spears’ supervisor, father Jamie Spears has asked a judge to end his daughter’s receivership. In the court papers, father Spears would argue that if the singer thinks she can handle life without the measure, she should be given that chance, showbiz site TMZ reports.


After a mental breakdown, the American singer who has many hits to her name was placed under guardianship thirteen years ago.

Since then, her father has been one of the trustees, but last month announced that he would resign from that position after testimony from his daughter. Unexpectedly, he is now calling for the receivership to be lifted completely.

The judge agreed to Britney’s request in July to select her own lawyer. She was previously legally assisted by counsel appointed by her supervisors. Jamie states in his request on Tuesday that if his daughter is deemed capable of doing so, the guardianship restrictions should no longer apply.

He would also indicate in the papers that a lot has changed in the thirteen years, and the reasons for the receivership at the time “may no longer apply”.

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