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First Election Debate Between Trump and Biden Started

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The first election debate in the United States between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has begun.


The first debate usually sets the tone for the rest of the campaign and could have a significant impact on the choice of floating voters on November 3.

The debate, led by Fox News presenter Chris Wallace in the city of Cleveland, consists of six parts of 15 minutes each.

These include the past achievements of Trump and Biden, the struggle between Republicans and Democrats for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, the corona pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests and the riots in major American cities, the integrity of the elections and the economy.

Biden is expected to open the attack on Tuesday on President Trump’s economic policy and his approach to the corona pandemic, while Trump mainly prepares a personal attack. Trump campaigners have told The Washington Post that the president has barely tuned in to the debate.

“He says that by working on it every day, he has enough knowledge in-house,” said an employee who wants to remain anonymous. Employees of Biden’s campaign say that he has learned well.

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