For Your Protection: Prince Philip's Will Remains Secret

The public will not soon find out what is in Prince Philip’s will. His last will remains a secret for at least 90 years.


Prince Philip’s will († 99) will remain secret for at least 90 years. This is to protect the “dignity” of Queen Elizabeth (95) and other members of the royal family. According to media reports, this was decided by a judge at the London High Court. The Queen’s husband died in April at the age of 99.

According to ” “, the judge responsible, Sir Andrew McFarlane, does not know the contents of the will, according to “”. It has been customary for over a century for a court to be asked to seal the will after the death of a senior member of the royals. However, after 90 years, there could be a process to decide whether it will be visible to the public.

According to the report, McFarlane said he was the keeper of a safe with more than 30 envelopes. Each contained the sealed will of a dead member of the royal family. He considers a special practice concerning the wills of the royals to be appropriate: “It is necessary to improve the protection of genuinely private aspects of the life of this limited group of people in order to preserve the dignity of the Queen and close members of her family.”

The judge also stated that “there is no real public interest in the public knowing this completely private information”. According to the BBC, the judge keeps the wills of Princess Margaret (1930-2002) and Queen Mum (1900-2002), among others.

The last will of Princess Diana († 36) has been published in contrast to that of other royal family members. It showed that the majority of her fortune went to her sons Prince Harry, 37, and Prince William, 39. The money was held in trust until their 25th birthday.

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