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Forest Fires Ravage Greece and the Spanish Island of Gran Canaria

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On the Spanish island of Gran Canaria in the Atlantic Ocean, a thousand people have been evacuated for a major forest fire. Greece is also struggling with forest fires. Their tourists are evacuated on the small island of Elafonisos, in the Ionian Sea south of the Peloponnese peninsula.


The forest fire on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria broke out in the mountains of Artenara. On Saturday evening, the fire seemed to be under control, but as the wind changed direction, it flared up again during the night.

A thousand people from Artenara and two surrounding villages have been evacuated as a precaution. They are still not allowed to return home.

Around 200 firefighters were deployed to fight the fire. Ten fire extinguishers and helicopters have also been pulled out. The police have arrested a man who may have started the fire.

Greece is also struggling with forest fires all weekend. Temperatures of around 40 degrees have been measured in the country for several days, and there is also a strong wind.

Saturday there were a total of 50 fires. The heaviest ones broke out on the island of Elafonisos and in the Marathon area, not far from Mati, where last year some 100 people were killed in forest fires.

Tourists were evacuated at both locations. The fire is not yet under control on Elafonisos. About 350 people live on the small island, but around 3,000 are added in the summer.

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