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Former Intelligence Chief Trump Thanks War Criminal on Twitter

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Former US intelligence chief and ambassador to Germany Richard Grennell was embarrassed on Wednesday by a journalist who tricked him on Veterans Day to thank war criminal William Calley for his services on Twitter.


Calley was convicted in 1971 for his role in the 1968 My Lai (Vietnam) massacre.

Journalist Ken Klippenstein sent Grennell a request via Twitter to thank Calley, supposedly Klippenstein’s grandfather, for his services.

“If you say hi to him, you give him a great day!” Wrote Klippenstein over a black and white photo of Calley, describing his grandfather as “young lieutenant”. “Thanks for your service, Bill Calley!”, Grennell posted on his Twitter page, with the same black and white photo.

Grennell has since removed the message from his account. The former intelligence chief wrote on his Twitter page afterwards. “I try to be helpful to people who contact on Veterans Day. Too bad people do this on a day like this. Washington is a sick city.”

Calley was convicted in 1971 of the My Lai massacre, where US soldiers murdered hundreds of unarmed civilians, including women, children and even babies.

After an attempt was made to cover up the war crime, Calley was eventually convicted. The Calley case caused even more uproar at the time after President Richard Nixon ordered Calley’s release days after his conviction.

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