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Former Model Fell With Son of 45th Floor of Hotel in Manhattan

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Former Model Fell With Son of 45th Floor of Hotel in Manhattan. Stephanie Adams, a 45-year-old former Playboy model, crashed with her son Vincent from the 45th floor of a hotel in New York. Presumably, it is about suicide. According to eWorldNews, the two were found on a balcony on the second floor of the Gotham Hotel on Friday morning.


Adams was involved with her ex in a fierce battle for the custody of their son. Yesterday her ex-husband prevented mother and son from going on holiday to Europe, and she told The New York Post. There she wanted to spend time with her new friend. “All I want is to take my son and escape this nightmare for a few days”, she told the magazine.

Around 6 pm the two Thursday checked in at the Gotham Hotel, which is located in the middle of Manhattan, not far from Grand Central Station. At 8.15 am Friday morning (local time), mother and son were found. They made a dive of dozens of meters.

A fierce discussion about custody drove the former spouses – Stephanie was married to a chiropractor – apart. The proportions were so bad that the child was handed over to mother at alternating moments under police supervision, and vice versa.

According to people from her environment, Adams was not depressed. Her former lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, describes her as a lively woman with a strong opinion. , And she loved her child. She loved that child. It is incomprehensible. “

Adams posed several times for Playboy, in 1992 for the first time. Then she was Miss November. Then she made a career as a model and as a writer of self-help books. She also sold online beauty products.

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