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French Authorities Warn Against Flaring Coronavirus

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The number of new corona cases in France has risen for the third consecutive week. The French health authorities announced this on Thursday evening.


For the first time in a few weeks, the country had more than a thousand new corona infections within 24 hours.

“The summer vacation is particularly prone to promoting risky behaviours, especially because of gatherings with family or friends,” said a health service spokesman.

These meetings revive the epidemic. In addition, people are very mobile during the summer holidays, which makes identifying contacts much more difficult.

Only a “collective effort” to comply with security measures can “prevent the virus from hindering our freedom and erupting the epidemic,” the health service said.

Growth in virus transmission is confirmed, but remains subdued and can be controlled by strict adherence to known measures such as keeping a distance and wearing masks, authorities said.

In France, more than 30,000 people have died from the effects of the coronavirus. There was a strict lockdown for two months, which has eased ever since mid-May.

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