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Fuss in South Korea for A Moustache from an American Ambassador

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The American ambassador to South Korea, Harry Harris, has taken on the government’s anger after some critical remarks. Besides, a fuss has also arisen about his moustache.


This is compared to the moustache of members of the Japanese colonial government, who struck the country between 1910 and 1945.

The relationships between Washington and Seoul have already been soured at various points in recent years. For example, the United States demands that South Korea pays much more to support all American troops stationed in the country.

Also, there is disagreement about South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s plan to strengthen economic ties with North Korea.

On Thursday, Harris said in an interview with international media that South Korea would better discuss its plans to strengthen relations with the North in a workgroup to be set up, which would include the United States. “This avoids misunderstandings that could lead to economic sanctions,” he said.

The Presidential Palace in Seoul reacted to that statement on Friday.

“It is very inappropriate for an ambassador to discuss statements from the president of his host country in the media,” said an employee who wanted to remain anonymous in the South Korean press.

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